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Company Formation

Formation in Germany ?

Formation in Germany ?

Fullservice Accounting, Tax & Law

Company Formation Germany

Firmengründung, Steuerberatung und Markterschließung weltweit.

Company Formation, accounting, tax, reporting, asset management, due diligence, M & A in Europe and Germany: Full Service Provider.

Service Fields

Berlin New City Developments

Real Estate & Property Management

Trempel & Associates has a long lasting tradition in real estate & property management in Germany and abroad. Based on the tradition of an old civil contraction company Trempel & Associates today manages all issues in respect of city & project development, due diligence, property & facility management, M & A and services.

Due Diligence

Projects worth around 250 Mio. EURO were investigated by Trempel & Associates between 2006 and 2007 when the local real estate market was exploding. Today M & A and take overs represent the scope of services provided for clients from all over the world.

Feasibility Studies

Going to China, M & A in Greece or a take over in Spain: Trempel & Associates is one of the German full service providers for international investors in the fields of energy, water management, real estate and, not exclusiv, automotive industry.

Company Formation

Tax, Accounting and Legal Service in one hand ? Yes, we do. With great success since 1987. A German Limited is qualitiy "Made in Germany". Great reputation and best standing.

Company formation world wide ! ?

Financial Services

Trempel & Associates is listed at Federal Ministry of Economics, Ministries of Economics and Labour of the federal states, Chambers of Commers and Investment Banks in Germany providing grants and other finanncial aids for investors.

Challanging China ! Yes we do


Trempel & Associates are arbitrators at the DIS in Germany and legal representatives in trade or investment disputes in Russia or China. Picture: Arbitrage at CIETAC Beijing.

Service Fields

The Firm



Markterfolg China

Investment in Germany

Inheritance Law

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